Mediahub/Mullen and Millenial Media Announce Mobile Advertising Partnership – TouchMobi

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Ad agency Mediahub/Mullen has partnered with Millenial Media to drive creativity in the mobile marketing space for its clients, including brands such as jetBlue, National Geographic and Timberland, among others.


By the terms of the partnership, Mediahub/Mullen will have early access to new creative units and other mobile advertising products from Millenial Media, and will have the option to serve as a beta partner. Additionally, Mediahub/Mullen will provide feedback and consulting services to Millenial Media to help create and evolve mobile products that drive the best results.


“Mobile has become an essential part of the advertising mix,” said Gina Preziosa, VP and Group Digital Media Director for Mediahub/Mullen. “We’re always looking to bring new opportunities to our clients, and by partnering with Millenial Media, we’ll have the ability to get ahead of the curve and implement new technologies before they hit the wider market.”