Samsung Galaxy S4: What you need to know

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Samsung Galaxy S4: What you need to know

Bigger, faster and high def. A good description of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

After the success of the S3 (50 million sold and counting), Samsung had to come up with a solid follow-up, and it does seem that the Korean company’s flagship checks all the right boxes.

If the gap between Samsung’s S3 and the iPhone 5 was not all that noticeable, the S4 seems to leave Apple’s best trailing in its dust.


In line with what we’ve seen from Sony with the Xperia Z, and HTC with its One, the S4 has gone full HD (1920 x 1080). This on a Super AMOLED display that adds to the S3’s 4.8″ and brings the screen size to a significant 5″ with pixels per inch (ppi) standing at 441. As hoped, it runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, while being powered by the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset with its eight cores. All this HD goodness and processing power are kept going by a bigger Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery. It might not be as big as the Note II’s 3100 mAh, but it does beat the S3’s 2100 mAh. A decent 2 GB RAM helps push smooth operation, while 16/32/64 GB storage space options are available, with an extra slot for expansion via microSD. As far as design goes, Samsung did not stray far from what they know, with the S4 bearing a close resemblance to the S3, unfortunately also down to the plastic non-metal design.
Samuang galaxy 4



Samsung’s distinguishing factor is pretty much the proprietary features on offer in its devices. One of the new ones is Air Gesture, which enables you to interact with the device based on the movement of your hands. This includes waving your hand back and forth in front of the S4 to move to different tabs while browsing, change music or to accept calls.


In all, the Galaxy S4 is pretty much the phone we expected from Samsung. The fact that the worldwide launch took place in New York, part of Apple’s home turf, is also significant, with Samsung clearly indicating that it is ready for anything that Cupertino might throw at it. Indeed, if the gap between Samsung’s S3 and the iPhone 5 was not all that noticeable, the S4 seems to leave Apple’s best trailing in its dust.