Touchmobi are now partner with AppsFlyer

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Touchmobi are now partner with AppsFlyer

We are happy to announce, Touchmobi new technical partnership with AppsFlyer . Touchmobi mobile advertising service are now support AppsFlyer SDK integration.

To use AppsFlyer integrate with Touchmobi advertising, Login to your account, go to Media Source Configuration.

In the filter box search for Touchmobi, or drag down from A-Z to look for our logo.
Touchmobi Media Source Configuration

The system will show the generated links to advertise in Touchmobi.
This will be you campaign Clicks Tracking URL.
Generate advertising link for Touchmobi

Our system will handle the conversion postback to notify your app installs or engagement events.
So, you will see your campaign performance, such as clicks, conversion rate on installs, Loyal Users, etc.

Touchmobi are using CPI model for mobile apps promotion, therefore, you only pay when someone install your apps. our advertising model are more considerate for mobile app developers to create high quality apps, enable them to have more focus on their users. So, one thing for developers need to consider when advertising in Touchmobi are making better apps.

- Quality Apps = High Loyal Users rate
- The more Numbers of Loyal Users = Higher Monetization of Your Apps

Good Luck for all mobile developers