DSP Practice : How to create mobile campaigns in Touchmobi Mobile DSP

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DSP Practice : How to create mobile campaigns in Touchmobi Mobile DSP

Looks like after launching our mobile DSP, we have lots of enquiries about start to create mobile campaigns.

So in our DSP Practice tutorial, we will go through each setup from create an campaign to omptimize a successful mobile campaigns.

First login into your account in http://dsp.touchmobi.com/

1. Begin to Create Campaign

You will see your account dashboard appear, click on the “New Campaign” button for create a new campaign

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.30.47 AM


2. Campaign Basic Info.

There are 4 steps in mobile campaign creation, first you have to give it a name and the preview URL that you are going to advertise.

Select campaign type in CPM , CPC (keep in mind our future update will be include mobile CPI).
In this tutorial I will select CPM just for demo purpose.

For the Daily Budgets and Start Date, End Date, you can just leave it by default, because you can update this setting later in campaign omptization.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.54.25 AM

Press “Next” to the next step


3. Upload Creatives and Click URL

In this step, it is your time to create ads for your campaign.  Currently we support media type in IAB standard image banner size (max. 40 KB) , Javascript Tags creatives, and App Icon Text banner.

*** Please note that, Javascript Tags creatives are only available in CPM campaign type.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.07.59 AM

In this case, we use IAB standard image banner.  All you need to do is, make sure your banner files size are under 40KB.  If that so, you can simply Drag and Drop the image banner from your desktop to the upload creatives area.

In this demo, we are going to use one of our advertising clients mobile apps promotion creatives for demo purpose.

After upload the image banners, the system should appear a box wrapping each of the creatives. Under the banner, you will see a text box for you to input the Click URL.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.18.11 AM

You will see a Check Box for Copy to all when you input your Click URL in the first creative banner.  If you want to apply to all creatives, just simply check this box.

*** For the Click URL , we have Marcos values support for you to keep track if you have your own click tracking system.
Please login to your DSP account and refer to http://dsp.touchmobi.com/macroTracking.php for the CLICK URL Marcos information.


Press “Next” to the step for Targeting


4. Select your Campaign Audience Targeting

In this step, it is your time to choose what audience you would like to target on.

Our platform are able to target from countries to city, most importantly mobile carriers or WIFI connection, OS platform and device types, and more.  We cannot demo all features in this tutorial, so we are targeting with some basic information to get start with.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.31.20 AM


Then last important step in this part is to select the Exchange you are going to test run your campaign.  In our scenario, we just select 13 top tiers Ad Exchanges for our targeting countries.
Press “Next” to the step for Optimization Bid Price Setting.

5. Optimization Bid Price Setting

In the final step, you should have all set for your campaign to activate.

And the last thing to do is to set your ad price bidding.  In this campaign creation tutorial, we just go by default bidding by CPM.  As you can see the screen below, we have Optimize for Conversions and Optimize for Clicks.  The advance omptimization will be show on the next DSP Practice Tutorial in our DSP Resources.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.41.31 AM


As you can see our Mobile DSP support impression capping, and schedule for day-parting as common ad networks do.

We have GEO location targeting for advertise only in a specific area in a place.  This could be places near by shopping mall, or street.  And the most importantly, we have White and Black List setting for brand safe mobile campaigns.

So press Finish when everything are set in the campaign.  You creatives are going to approve within 4 hours if creatives do not against the creatives rules.


Touchmobi Mobile DSP is a self-serving advertising platform for mobile marketing.
If you have not get your account yet, please sign up to take a try : http://dsp.touchmobi.com/


Wish All the Best for your campaigns, and lets make it profit!