Oct 2014 New Features Release in Touchmobi Mobile DSP

Oct 2014 New Features Release in Touchmobi Mobile DSP

Hello everyone!

We are exciting to announce some of the new features and enhancements that released recently in Touchmobi Mobile DSP.

This release are now available in all Touchmobi Mobile DSP account now.


Impression/Pixel tracking

We now support 3rd party impression pixel tracking. You can setup the pixel during Step 2 of the campaign creation process as shown below

Touchmobi_mobile_campagin_impression pixel

Whitelisting and Blacklisting by App IDs

In addition to the ability to blacklist/whitelist device IDs, app package names, IP addresses, we now support blacklisting & whitelisting of App IDs too. You can simply copy and paste them in the app ID box under the whitelist/blacklist section as shown below

LIVE app list section with additional filters

The app list section now gives a clear picture of our available inventory. It can also be sorted by exchanges, operating systems, traffic type and geos that enable your advertisers to analyse your inventory and build their campaigns accordingly.

Recommendation Data during campaign creation

Now get recommendation data based on the real time analysis from our inventory sources. It gives an overview of the traffic for the targeted constraints and enables the user to effectively distribute the campaign delivery.



Pagination and App Exclusion Issues on Advanced Dashboard thoroughly resolved

The pagination and app exclusion issues that we were seeing on certain devices have been resolved. The advanced dashboard now also allows you to download the app list with all the information in a CSV file. This will help marketers to get a better view of the blocked and whitelisted properties that will help them plan their optimization strategy.

Real time dashboard and advanced dashboard data discrepancies resolved

Fixed some discrepancies arising between Real Time Dashboard and Advanced Dashboard data.

What’s Coming Soon in Mobile DSP?

Video Ads Format for Mobile !

We have started a closed Beta for Video (VAST) Ad formats and soon will be launching it to all of you. Please get in touch with your account manager if you are interested.