Introduce VAST mobile video advertising in Touchmobi Mobile DSP

Introduce VAST mobile video advertising in Touchmobi Mobile DSP

We are happy to announce, the recent update in Touchmobi Mobile DSP are now supporting VAST Tag mobile video advertising format. This is a great milestone that allow your videos to reach billions of audience in real time bidding ad marketplace. With the great support of our Ad exchange partners, and innovative ad format. Touchmobi are continuing to help mobile marketers with a better way to present their apps or sites to consumers.

In fact, we are the pioneer of demand side platform with support of Video Advertising format for mobile RTB market. For mobile video ads, the good thing is that, we are seeing the Click Through Rate of video ads that serving in our platform reach to 4 – 5% CTR in average. That is also a good sign to improve your campaign performance.

This ad format type are available for all. Feel free to try out

Choose you creative type when you create a new campaign.



Then simply Copy and Paste your VAST Code of your video ads in upload creatives section.



Notes: The VAST Code are standard format for video ads serving. It should be available when you export the videos ads from your rich media production tools.