2015 Q1 Mobile Video Advertising New Partners in Touchmobi

2015 Q1 Mobile Video Advertising New Partners in Touchmobi

Starting in 2014, Mobile Video Advertising are heating up in mobile space. As one of the fast growing mobile advertising demand side platform, Touchmobi are continually collaborate with leading mobile video advertising partners to expand our mobile video ads inventories for all of you.  We are happy to announce Touchmobi partnership with two leading companies for mobile videos advertising in the world, AdapTV and Brightroll.

All Touchmobi DSP accounts are able to tap into good performance inventories from AdapTV and Brightroll now.




Select Video AdExchanges in mobile video advertising Campaigns.

At this moment,  Touchmobi Demand Side Platform are able to reach potentially over 21 Billions impressions daily for iOS in world wide, over 33 Billions impression daily for Android world wide, and 6 Millions impressions daily for Windows Phone.



AdExchange Description




Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

Adap.tv provides a video intelligence platform, Pathway™, for buyers and sellers to plan, buy and measure across linear TV and online video.

Founders: Dan KleinTeg GrenagerAmir Ashkenazi




Headquarters:San Francisco, CA

BrightRoll is the only independent and unified programmatic video advertising platform for reaching audiences across screens.

Founders: Tod M. Sacerdoti



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