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The Real Time Bidding Demand Side Platform

We are introducing the world latest mobile demand side platform (DSP) from Touchmobi. Touchmobi DSP are welcome app developers, advertisers, and media buyers to leverage our platform to make your campaigns success. Whether your objectives are driving app downloads, increasing brand engagement, or engagement potential customers to your mobile app or site, our platform are able to help you in advance targeting to find your audience. Ensure relevant audience targeting and retargeting for your mobile ads, access intelligent user profiling and increase ad conversion rate on your mobile campaign.


Maximize World Wide Mobile Inventories

  • Geo-based targeting: You can target an audience specific to a particular geographical area like a country or state, as well as by individual network carriers.
  •  Device-specific targeting: We enable you to target your ads to the type of devices used by your audience, the operating systems installed and also based on the device manufacturer.
  • Demographic-based targeting: You can target your audience based on age, gender and also, interests.
  • Hyperlocal targeting: You can target extremely niche audiences with the helpof ZIP codes and GPS co-ordinates

Our retargeting options help you pursue audiences that you may have missed in your initial targeting exercise. You can retarget specific audiences using.

  • IP addresses for specific users
  • Device IDs of a user’s mobile device
  • Tracking pixels: Follows a user’s movement to increase conversions for incomplete transactions for a particular app
  • User categories: Based on users interest areas such as sports, art and entertainment, and healthcare that are captured from the person’s virtual movement


Traffics Performance Optimization

Full Transparancy

What You Buy What You See.
All mobile apps/sites name identifiers are included in your campaign reports.

Conversion Tracking

Using Server to Server postback method with macros to track apps/sites that are working for your campaigns with delivering ROI.

Advance Reports

We are providing mobile marketers with the advance detail reports, allow to view in each facts and segments that happened in you campaigns.

Integrated Mobile Traffics Supply Partners