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Mobile DSP Media Kit

Introducing the Mobile Advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP) from Touchmobi. Touchmobi Mobile DSP are defining the problem of the existing media buying in mobile, and make it simpler and better for mobile marketers.

What is a Mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

In its simplest form, a mobile DSP is a software that can purchase mobile advertising in an automated fashion. Mobile DSPs are mostly used by agencies and advertising vendors to purchase mobile ad formats such as native ads, mobile banners, and mobile search ads. Mobile DSPs have the technology to bring together the data from advertisers, publishers, ad tech vendors, and third party data providers in order to give the buyer the best inventory. DSPs have changed the way media is sold and purchased, and have taken a lot of the costs and inefficiency out of the media buying process. Mobile DSPs are connected to mobile ad exchanges to get access to publishers’ inventory. The DSP automatically decides which impressions the advertiser will buy. This process is known as “Real Time Bidding” or RTB.

Download Media Kit: